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ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care


The ACM20217 - Certificate II in Horse Care is primarily an entry level vocational qualification which will enable successful graduates to apply for employment in different sectors of the horse care and management industry in roles such as stable hand, groomer and farm hand.
The qualification provides individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to work safely when handling and caring for horses. It includes stable duties, fitting gear, and assisting with horse exercise work, competition and transportation requirements. The skills and knowledge needed to ride horses are also included if they are occupational requirements.
The Horse care industry is characterised by many small businesses or individuals employed on a part time basis within the industry.

Nationally Recognised


Delivery Mode

  • Classroom Based
  • Workplace
  • Distance Learning
  • Virtual/Blended

Course Duration

26 Weeks

Entry Requirement

There are no entry requirements for this course, however students are required to undertake the Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment and Pre -Training Review. This will assist to determine candidate’s suitability and relevance for the course and identification of any support required.

Education Pathways

  • ACM30121- Certificate III in Animal Care Services
  • ACM30918- Certificate III in Equine Hoof Care
  • ACM30317 Certificate III in Captive Animals
  • ACM40117 Certificate IV in Animal Control and Regulation
  • ACM20317 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services
  • ACM50119 - Diploma of Animal Technology

Career Opportunities

  • Stable hand
  • Farm hand
  • Groom
  • Stock rider
  • Trail-ride assistant

Funding, Eligibility and Course Fee

Victorian residents who undertake classroom-based or blended training may be eligible for Commonwealth and Victorian Government Funding (Skills First previously known as Victorian Training Guarantee). Use our easy Eligibility Checker to find out if you’re eligible for Victorian Government Funding. Funded places are limited, so be sure to make a timely application!

For more information, refer to the Course fee.


Total number of units = 14
6 core units plus
8 elective units

Core units:

  • ACMEQU201 Work safely in industries with horses
  • ACMEQU202 Handle horses safely
  • ACMEQU203 Provide basic care of horses
  • ACMEQU204 Perform daily tasks in the horse industry
  • ACMEQU205 Apply knowledge of horse behaviour
  • ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications

Elective units:

  • ACMHBR201 Check and treat horses
  • ACMHBR203 Provide daily care for horses
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • VU21409 Assist in the preparation of a horse for an event
  • VU21403 Implement and monitor a horse feeding program
  • VU21404 Relate equine form and function
  • VU21402 Implement horse health and welfare practices
  • VU21401 Work safely in an equine organisation
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ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care