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We at Saddle On, offer comprehensive animal care certificates, delivered by our industry maestros to help you get a head-start and build exciting careers in animal care. Throughout your journey, you will have the opportunity to be mentored and taught by our professionals.

Our highly skilled and passionate group of veterans of the animal care industry will share their extensive knowledge and experience with you in the learning process which will help you understand the varied aspects of Animal Health Care and their application.

Whether you want to better understand your pets, or gain a foundation of knowledge to prepare you for a career with animals, we will provide you with the skills you need. Here at Saddle On, we have got the right courses to give you all that you need to get started and grow your animal care career.

Our Vision

Saddle On offers courses and qualifications giving its participants the life- changing opportunities to enter the animal care industry. The knowledge, experience and skills you gain in the learning process make you job ready setting you up for success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue delivering industry- standard course material and high quality personalised education and training to skill the workforce for the future. We are constantly adapting our courses and facilities to suit the needs of the animal care industry.

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